Friday, April 28, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170428



Start from tomorrow, You can use my 16th single Individual handshake meeting ticket  !

I'm sorry for made you wait.. ( >_< )

Please take care of me,
and please look forward for it..

For more the detail,
you can check it on the official site~

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

Next week guest is Takayama Kazumi-chan !

We are still collecting mail for every corner, usual mail and request song too ( ˆωˆ )

You can submit your mail from here :

Radio Program Guide Book
2017 spring edition

and Monthly Entame are on sale now !

Photo above is from Monthly Entame ~~

It's my first gravure after restoration, please check it out~

~ Announcement ~


4/27 Radio Program Guide Book
2017 spring edition

4/28 Monthly Entame

5/15 EX-Taishu - June Edition

6/6 Manga Action


5/24 Nogizaka46 3rd Album

In EX-taishu -san,
Miria and Me has interviewed !

As for Manga action,
I has solo shoot for the front page cover ! !

Don't forget to check it out( ˇωˇ )

Sudare shimai ~~


"Hime come back" gravure is 🔥💸🔥💸
And hey ! Another magz cover huh ? ! 💸💸💸💸💸

Onsen trio is finally get their own song ! !  !
The title is "ごめんね、 スムージー" or (I'm sorry smoothie)

Can't waiiiittt  ! ! ! !

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170423


They made 17th single seifuku for Nakamoto too,
I'm so happy (;ω;)

Somehow I couldn't hide my happiness when I see my name-tag on it...

Although I have only been wearing it twice tho..

It's the Ribbon type !

The photo is blur.
Please don't move too much ! (Angry to herself)

Under Live Kanto Series !

I went to see the last day performances ~~~~

I was so impressed.

It made me want to stand on the stage and dancing with everyone again..

They did performances that resonates on the hearts of many people

Once again, I gain more respect to everyone..

Being an Idol is a wonderful profession, right?!

I felt a bit jealous when I look at Miria-chan who stand on the center stage,
when I saw Ami-chan who centering Kimiboku song,
And when Hina-chan speak about a lot of things~~~

Kana-chan who came together with me was bursting into tears when Harumero (Haru no Melody) intro played..

And 12 people Influencer was really really cool ! !

All member, staff-san,
And fans who came and watch it,
Thank you for your hard work !

Chiichan sweats are made from diamond ! (・∀・)

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

Next week guest is Takayama Kazumi-chan !

This time mail themes are :

◯ Supporting messages to Kazumin

◯ Adored Himetan Senpai

◯ Himetan Quiz

◯ Mousou date ~ Long Holiday series

◯ (すさ男) Susa-Boy and (すさ子) Susa-Girl" Healing battle

You can submit your mail from here :



4/27 Radio Program Guide Book. 2017 spring

4/28 Monthly Entame


4/26 Koi no Hana Theater (Hiroshima Home Television)


5/24 Nogizaka46 3rd album

I brought Moni-chan ​​to trim her fur,
Then she came back to handsome again~

Super small face.

Though her fur were became fuwa fuwa again as soon she come home tho~

Please be careful to not deceived by her smart face.


Ps : thanks to the greatness of Under Live, she starts to recover from her trauma...
I hope she can stand on the stage soon !

Friday, April 21, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170417


Sunday night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

Our guest last week is Terada Ranze-chan ( ˆωˆ )

Thank you for listening~

That was her first time to come as the guest alone (before was with Cinq Étoille member)

She was bombing the free talk session ! And It was so great !

She has firm view of the world and view of life too,
And that are her charm point right?

I really like her straight forwardness.

Seems that I already write it on my previous blog,

But I really hope Terada Ranze solo talk show can be immediately held ( ˆωˆ )

After the broadcast ended,
They were celebrating my 21 birthday again~~~~

The cake was really kyuuuut !

You can check the photo in Rajira official twitter

Lovely Pink Cake ! ! ! !

Birthday Okonomiyaki Hiroshima Style !

We had quite a deep talks while eating the okonomiyaki~~~

Happy birthday and Happy easter !

Fujimori-san came to Rajira after finishing a marathon ( ˇωˇ )
thank you for your hard work !

Next guest on 30 April is Takayama Kazumi-chan !

Please look forward for it~

Monichan is like a rampage horse.
She alway stuck out her tongue.

And somehow, her weight is doubled in one month ( °ω° )

Growth period is wonderful~~~~

Is it from silver to blonde, or vice versa...
Do you know that the color of  yorkie fur is changed seven times in a lifetime..


Ps : Hime wedding propose was rejected by......... Ranze 😥

Hime playfully propose Ranze after Hime know that Ranze did the "Himetan daisuki" on 5th bday live...
But too bad she get rejected..😥😥

You can ask that to me too~~~ I will say YES before you could finish it... *chuu~~♡*


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Hime ! ! Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170413


Happy Birthday to me !!


There were various thing happen on my 20 old year...

But overall,
That was the most fulfilling year to me.

Though I always said it every year.. it's okay, right?

The Environment and contents of my work were gradually changing,
And it was a busy year for me...

At that time I have seen a lot of wonderful scenery,
And it's made me really happy.

There were plenty of scenes which made me think that
I believe that all the painful things that have come up are for this wonderful scenery..

If I could convey a message to my old self,

I will say :

"Thank you so much for not giving up,

Thank you for your hard work in teen years,

My twenty year is full of happiness now."

I'm so grateful with all encounters and all things that happen.

On this 21 year old, I will devote myself more and more.

I might said too much again huh~~

Well.... that's because Himetan has third form~~

And it can go all out too~

From now on too, please take care of me !

Everytime I get older,
I become look like my mother ..

And this is look like my mom so much.

The next guest for Rajira Sunday is Terada (Ranze) o(^o^)o

We are waiting for your mail ~~


Happy birthday my forever Idol !
Thanks for coming to this world !
Thanks for showing me a bright light ! 
Thanks for everything !
I won't ever forget you ! !

好き過ぎて 、私は君しか見えてないです。
ずっとずっと大好き !! ♡

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170407


Good morning~

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

The guest last week was
One of Nogizaka Quotation Maker, Inoue Sayuri-chan ! !

I feel at ease so  much, and it's Thanks to Sayuri !
Onsen talk corner is really fun too !

It's been so long since my last 2 hours in Rajira,
But it didn't feel like it's been a while.
I felt relaxed since start until end.

When surprise appearance on March,
My heart was still not ready at all...
And it made me think,
"was that okay?"

But I was relieved after this broadcast.

I also heard that there were many mail comes,
What a good start, right?!

Maybe there were some people who heard mumbling sound on the halfway through..

Actually !
I was interviewed, please check the details later !

Last week was also Seiyuu arts corner final episode (´;ω;`)

The new corner is called「Power Voice A」will start on next week

Start from this week,
Rajira Sunday will start from 21:05 ~

What a wonderful view when I entering the dressing room.

Tadaima~ ( ˆωˆ )


Because there is too few to report about my current work,

I will just post off shot of the magazine that released in February.


Monthly Newtype

Top Yell

I'm so impressed with this photo from Top Yell san,

On the left is photo from article when I became under center for the first time,
And on the right is photo from latest article with the same angle of view.

There also a lot of other photo too.

If you have a magazine at that time,
Please do compare it~

Manager-san who always  watching me like my parents
said : Our Hime is growing bigger~~ ( ˇ  ωˇ  )

I started to send mobile mail to !
Please check it out !


What a rare good morning from Hime !

Please don't mind it ! 🌞

Ps: sorry for the delay~

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170401


Nakamoto here, I will restart my activities.

To management and everyone who always supporting me,

I'm really sorry for any inconvenience that I made.

Although I've been thinking about various things in the last few months,

I was be able to find my own intention to guide me to come back and do my best,
And it means very big to me.

I frequently get asked by my friends : "Your condition is worsening? What's wrong with you ?!" (Laugh)

Honestly, I do think about it too.

I can't wait to report this to make everyone at ease..

Because start from here
I'm taking one step closer to the stage.
Though I still need to lie down
right now...

I might say it when I forget it,
And it might surprised me if I forget about this after a few years of graduate..

But do you know,
I think that it's important to be able to return as the result rather than just finding the "reason"

But as an Idol,
I'm so glad because everyone were not think about it too deeply

That's because having a dream is to see it happen right?!

Handshake meeting, event, and other moments when I rested..

I will make sure to get it back again
so, please look forward to it.

There are still plenty of events that I still can not participating

If It confuses you,
Please check on official website from time to time.

I will start to sending mobame again,
So don't forget to change the settings asap.

5th debut anniversary,
From now on please take care of me.

"It makes me want to appear on the live !"
when I looked at this...

You did it well huh ! ! greats ! ! !
(Said with an angry tone and happy tone in the same time)

Rajira Sunday,
Every Sunday, start from 20:05 On NHK Radio

On this new fiscal year,
Please take care of me.

This week guest is Inoue Sayuri-chan.

And this week mail themes are :

◯ Messages to Sayu

◯ Pinpon♪It's Nakamoto, your new neighbor ♡

◯ Spring's Jingle

◯ OriHime talk session

You can submit yout mail from here :

Manatsu-san !
Really thank you very much !

Start from April, the amount of member who can appear will increase. (*Ashun please)

Please look forward for it ( ˇωˇ )

By the way

望日香 (Monika-chan)
A yorkie breed and it's a girl.

Though she looks like a good kid when walking at outside,
her attitudes become arrogant at home.. (laugh)

It's complicated to see her like that because it's like looking at myself.

She is so cute when she make a mess with temper like a princess.

The 4th sister in Nakamoto family,
I'm so proud of my family.

Himeka and Monika

She's been in this house for 2 months

Please get bigger soon~


Welcome back ! ! !
Good choices~
Not only for the comeback, but the cutie puppie too ! !

The 4th Nakamoto sister
Named 望日香 (monika)
She using "hope" kanji in her dog names...
I hope she can take care of her owner..

I know you are a sensitive and arrogant doggie, but please cheer the mama, old sist or the little sist up when they sad or lonely 😄😄😄

Welcome for you too Monika-chan  ! !

Monday, March 27, 2017

Imamura Mitsuki Last Blog Translation - 170320

My last blog ☺ Imamura Mitsuki

Imamura Mitsuki here !

This gonna be my last blog.

I did my last recital as member of  SPL∞ASH and Actor School Hiroshima (ASH) students today.

I've never think that this day is finally come.

I went to school for about 8 years,
And on Saturday I always went to ASH..

Since I became member of SPL∞ASH,
I did self-trained on weekday
and sometimes spends the whole week at school for one week.

There were also times when I had problem with my school..

There were also many things that I have to remember...

There were many times when I got really frustrating too.

I decided to make it compatible, but my will against it was weak..
And I started to dislike my weakness which made me became useless many times.

I don't want to give up
Because I really like to sing and dancing..

No matter how much the price that I paid,
I did not quit from ASH.

Although I was worried with my future career,
And I even didn't know what I wanted to do..

I wish I could get a job that involved in singing.

And it shows how much my feelings to sing.

And that's why, I think that the form of my graduation today was really the best for me.

I was really happy.

I feel that I will do my best seriously.

But I feel really sad to do farewell with my friends.

But it's not an eternal farewell right?
We still can meet...
But it's so sad when I think that
when we meet again later, I'm not part of SPL∞ASH member again.

Let's meet again later ! ! !

I will send a message to everyone too ! ! !

Please wait for it ! ! !


"20th generation of ASH,
Imamura Mitsuki here.

As students of this School for 8 years,
And as member of SPL∞ASH for 4 years

Thank you for your continuous support.

Really thank you very much for always supporting me as students of this school.

Honestly, I haven't do parting to other school students and SPL∞ASH members too.

But I will do my best to come to this school again with confidence face,
And repay everyone who always supporting me.

From now on too,
please take care of me !"

Today, I want to announced it in front of everyone.

Aaaa~~~ it's sad..

I can't go to ASH on Saturday again..

To everyone who supported me until now,

Thank you very much ! ! !

I look forward to your continued support !

I hope I can be Pink member of SPL∞ASH that's not forgotten !

That's all from me,
Thank you very much

Imamura Mitsuki.


Hime beloved kouhai is graduate from SPL∞ASH  to join STU48 !

I hope she can getting closer to our Hime ! 🙏

She is an interesting girl with lovely voices and superb dances move too ! As expected from Actor School of Hiroshima students !

Can't wait for her bright future !
Please do support her ! ! !

Monday, March 13, 2017

Saitou Chiharu (Chiichan) Blog Translation 170312

A Letter

Today is sweet's day. And also wallet's day.

Regardless of gender, sweet sweets are the source of energy !
It's delicious to see, and also delicious to eat.

I want to live in sweets country or in sweets house ~

Wallet !   I often forget it.

I just realized it when I already in station, then went back to home to pick it up.

I often goes "Ah!" Then feeling so hopeless when I get it back.
Those return time is the most wasted time, right...?

And one more thing for today !

Today was 16th single last handshake meetings

Seems that 16th hs meeting is the most sold until now?

I could meet with a lot of people and it makes me very happy (﹡ˆ ˆ﹡)

Everyone who came, thank you very much ! !

There also Ikuchan birthday festival◎

I read birthday letter for her, and it was a surprise !

Both 20 years old !

We were 14 years old when we joined Nogizaka..
Time flies so fast...

Our clothes are Kohaku (red and white) colors☺︎

two of us did Himetan beam ♡

Himetan, we always waiting for you (﹡ˆ ˆ﹡)

Let's do Himetan beam together next time ☺︎

When I read the letter,
Ikuchan smile was so cute ♡

I also wore seitansai parka !
so warm♡

After reading the letter,
Ikuchan hugged me ! !

I was so happy,
My face was full of smiles too \( ˆ ˆ )/ lol

Congratulation Ikuchan ! !

Let's be friend until we become grandmother ♡♡


♬ ChihaMusic

「あなたのために弾きたい (Anata no tame ni hikitai | I want to play for you )」- Nogizaka46

It's Ikuchan solo song.

Ikuchan high specs remind me to this song once again.

It must be tiring,  because she sing it while playing the piano live.

But, no matter how busy she is,

She always doing it perfectly. Amazing.

I love Ikuchan voices when she sing " Ima anata ni watashi no piano wo,
Kiitemoratteru sore dake de" part ! !

It sounds so wonderful and lovely.

I will post about the clothes that I wore on today hs on tomorrow blog !

I watched W B C !

It's so interesting... ! ! !ヽ(;;)丿

I also want to learn a lot about baseball !

And I want to go to see the game too !

Good night.

Saitou Chiharu.

Some of Chiichan letter to Ikuchan :

"We joined Nogizaka in the same grade and as chuusangumi too.  And we already become 20 years old now.

I was so happy when 
Ikuchan, Me-chan, and Jyo-san were celebrating my last teen day. Let's go drinking together again next time !

Right now, you must be busy because of Les miserables practice, right?

If there anything happen,
please do not hesitate to talk to me ! I love you ! And once again, happy birthday ! 

Source : @maru_2_

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 141228


Merry Christmas everyone !

Did you made wonderful memories of christmas (*´v`*)?

In previous diary (blog) comment section,
There are some people who told me about it.
Thank you very much~

This year too, I wore a lot of santa clothes for Photo-set, Live, and Handshake meeting~

Hime had christmas eve with Sayu, and Marika.
And we also went to Hot Spring !

We were trying to forget the crowds in the city,
Then took a long trip by train ~

Though we made a mistake in transferring trains,
We were so relaxed and even went to some shop on the halfway through......♪

Because our pace are same like each other,
It was very comfortable to go with them (﹡ˆoˆ﹡)

I had a job on christmas day~
I also talked to Manatsu ♡

For more information,
Please wait for a little while~ ( ˇωˇ )

Next Nogiten is [Golf Club] episode~
I did my best in golf club ( ^o^ )
I hope I can become good at it even just a little...!

In handshake meeting
I do talk about golf, but..
Was that with someone who read my diary (blog) too?

Is there anyone who play golf ??

I had interview for STREETJACK-san !

It is on the latest issue ( ^o^ )☆

Hime wore beloved 7th single seifuku and talked about the past 3 year in Nogizaka~

There also a lot of other Nogizaka member too~
Please buy it♪

Tomorrow is individual handshake meeting in Kyoto !

The last handshake meeting on this year~
Although it happened in the busy atmosphere at the end of the year,
Thank you for coming to see us !

Please enjoy it⊂( ˆoˆ )⊃

Though if everyone are in excellence condition, you shouldn't sleep late tonight ♡

There is thanksgiving event on 30 december

It's the First Mobile Members-only event
And because we will do it in a different format than live,
I wonder how it will be~

We will do a lot of planning !
So, for everyone who coming
Please wait for it ♡


Q : I went to Miria lane yesterday, but when I asked her to do [Beam] she said "I can't because it's my sister (oneechan) weapon" (T^T)
Himetaaan.. please allow her to do it

A : Waaa~~~ so cuuuteee (´。・v・。`)
As expected from my dearest sister ! 
In the latest issue of EX-Taishu magazine,
We became [Sudare Shimai] combi~ 
That's because they keep calling us with that name♡

Q : What's with the new costumes ???

A : aaa~~ I'm sorry (´・ω・`)
It's the new costumes from the christmas show !
It's so cute right~~~ I really love it ♡

Q : For Himetan, what is the best anime in 2014 ? 

A : Ummm.. it's hard to answer it.. Maybe :
(No game. No life )

(Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

(Bokura wa minna Kawaiso)


Q : Please tell me what kind of gloss that Tanhime use? ♡♡

A : It's JILL STUART \( ˆoˆ )/
Let's use it together~
Seems that there are a lot of girl who called me with [Tanhime]♡

The one who come with [Tanhime] nickname is Ami-chan~

Q : I want to send fan letter to Himetan, 
but how do I send it?
I want to present you a ribbon too 

A : Waaaa~~ thank you very much ( ´•̥ω•̥` ) I'm so happy

You can send it to :

「乃木坂46運営事務局」宛  ♡

Please let me skip Himetan46 corner today ( >_< )

Thank you for your comments !

I was surprised when you tell me your commenting name at handshake meeting, and even made a name tag for it (﹡ƠωƠ﹡) ufufufu~

2014 is going to end !

Everyone, How was your past year ?

Please tell me if there any interesting scene in Nogidoko, Nogiten and Noginono,
Or "that" live was so fun ! ( ˇωˇ )

Hime will just sitting quietly at home after back from Kyoto.
Or.... shall I do evaluation meeting this year?


It's not about the Christmas mood that I have right now... no !
But, Let's send Fan letter for our beloved Hime  ! ! !

She is absent in 17th single period (until April or May, Maybe?)
So, let's send her some of our love for her !

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Itou Marika Blog Translation 170302

Cut ! All Right ! #764

Everyone who came to

Sou-en x Culture Academy Special Talk Show

Presented by Panasonic「Clothing steamer」

Thank you very much ! !

Talk show with Kojima-san and Chihara Tetsuya-san.

My first work with Sou-en,
and I was surprised with the renewal issue and also new cover design by Chihara-san !

Panasonic clothing streamer is
a round type that I always love !

On this chances we learned about how to use it,
And it's also become a lesson for me.

Please treat me well from now on too.

I recommend it too because it's so easy to use !

After it finished, I went to dressing room and they presented me a birthday cake !

Aaaaa, I was so happy ! ! !

Thank you very much

To be on that place,,
And talking about a lot of things....

It has always been my dream..

And it is with a magazine that I've been longing for..

And the most important,
Fashion is really fun, right? Mama !

I also did shooting for 17th single 「Influencer」bonus video on that day !

Thank you for your warm applaud.

Please look forward for it.

I'm in regular version of jacket CD

「Influencer」MV is up

I was in "Who are you !" state..
And for more details, you can watch it on the bonus footage.

While dancing,
The sleeves were keep hiting my face.. and it was tiring.

Personally, the dances are fits perfectly with my own dancing habits.

I was so happy with the choreography.

It's a dance that make you want to dance it forever.

And perhaps it was also the first time I think that the dance is really fits for me..

I met with my childhood friend in  a culture event after a long time!

Our talk is mainly about fashion brand information exchange.

Let's go straight with what we like.

It was a day when I thought that I need to tried my best !


Ps : Marika is "ROCK-ING" up the mv 😎

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Iwamoto Renka (Rentan) Blog Translation 170206

It's kinda long. But please read it until the end ! 🙏

Principal. Iwamoto Renka


Principal event is on going !
I did my best too today ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Principal first day was on 2 February, and !

It's also my birthday (o^^o)

My greeting is become "Junior High School First grader, 13 years old"

From 12 y.o to 13 y.o,
it's really a big thing for me ! !

And after act three Mini Live,
I received birthday surprise from everyone.

I'm really really happy.....

Suddenly the birthday song was played,
And Fans were also singing it together...

After that Shi-chan and Tama-chan brought birthday cake from wing stage to in front of me...

I'm really reallllly happy ( ´ ▽ ` )

And then I ate it deliciously ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑ )♪

Really thank you very much !
Member too, thank you very much !

I also received many congratulation messages on my blog comment

Really thank you very much !

There also people who wrote it on 00:00 am..

I'm really happy ♡

And one more happy things happen.

Higuchi Hina-san senpai was
posted about my birthday on her blog.

I was too happy ...!

With this blog,
I want to say Higuchi-san thank you very much..
I rarely have opportunity to talk directly to her,
But when we meet I want to tell her about it

And I also received birthday mail from Hadzuki, Den-chan, and Shi-chan

Hadzuki, Den-chan, Shi-chan
thank you very much

Shi-chan sent me a long mail,
And I reply it with a long mail too !

I cried when I read mail from Shi-chan.
Really thank you very much.
I love you

Dzukki and Renka.
And behind us is Aya who did something weird.

Start from here I want to talk about Principal.
I rarely write about Principal on my blog,

So I want to write about it now.
This might be long, but please read it until the end.

On the first day, I enjoyed being on the stage in front of everyone.
I didn't elected, but it was a really fun day.

Compared to 1st day, there were some member who get more nervous on the 2nd day.

And I was still enjoying it with all of my heart.

Since the 2nd day,
I always running for Giovanni role.
I think that Giovanni personality is easy to understand and easy to express.

But I still haven't get elected.

I wonder how to deliver my feelings to everyone who watch it.
I always think hard about it, but the answer is not (yet) coming.
What should I do? Did I do wrong?

I've never had a worry and suffer experience..

But on this Principal,
I got worried too much for the first time.

There are people who rooting for me.
I'm really thankful.
Thank you very much !

But, I have never been elected.
And I never even elected to act 2..
But I want to answer all the support with all my power..
And I will do my best to everyone.

Since Principal started, I realized something about myself....

My mental is strong

Of course I have a worry,
but I don't get panic.

I don't really think about it and  never thought
"I can't do it. It's impossible. I can't ! "

Though I didn't get elected,
I can switch my feelings to I will do it better next time.

Basically, I hate "impossible and I can't" words

If you can't do it, you should practice more.
Even it is "impossible" , there is no need to say it with your mouth.

It's not impossible !

If you think it's impossible, it will become impossible.

People believe that if you strive, most things can be realized.


I feel that this word makes my own limit.

I think that way..
I'm a human with positive thought..

So, is my mental strong ?

I never thought that I would suffer so much since last year.

Although it's painful but I won't give up.

I will definitely get Giovanni role and stand on act two.

I would like everyone to see my performance.

I want to sing on the stage.

There are still many performances left.

If you have impressions or advices, please write it on the comment,
It will be a great learning for me.

I don't have acting experience,
and there are still many things I don't know yet.

But, since I would like to do my best with my own power without being impatient, I would like to ask for your continued support.

I write quite long,
But this is my current feeling now.

For Renkazoku (Ren family) who always supporting me,

I will do my best !

Ah, I decided to use "Renkazoku" to call my fans !
Thanks for your ideas.

Because everyone is kind like family. So I decided to use it.

Renkazoku is really kind. I love you

Thank you very much.

On my next blog, Principal is already end, right ?!

Not only Giovanni,
I hope I can get Campanella and Sasori role too.

Lesson break....

That's all from Rentan (*´︶`*)ฅ

My next blog is on 18 February.
And tomorrow is Minami-chan(*^^*)

See you again later ☆彡

Ps : it's even longer than Hime blog~~
Butwhy? Why I translated it?

Not only because of the "tan" nickname-ing..
It's been 6 days since she posted this, Principal is going to end but she haven't get elected until NOW.

She said that her mental is strong right? But yeah...
For me, it's kinda too fast for her to said something like that.

I read her blog comment and I read something which made my heart hurts.

She cried today, cried her heart out..

Of course I didn't watch it, but my heart is too weak to see (or read) a positive thinking kiddo cry.

I believe that she will get a role !
I want to see her happy tears !
Ganbare kiddo ! ! !
Keep postive !

Monday, February 6, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 120206


Hoshimina-chan, Happy 14th birthday \(^ω^)/★

Hoshimina-chan (Hoshino Minami-chan) is really cute, right ?!

Recently Hoshimina-chan's「あんねーみなみねー」monomane is popular among the member

When Hoshimina-chan hugged me, she boasted to Kazumin (Takayama Kazumi-chan)
「Kazumin look ♪Minami hug Himetan yo (*/ω\*)」Kyaaa so cute !
And then Kazumin goes「kyaaa ! too」
Un ♡


Ah ! That's right, about the calendar
I've just sent it to Hiroshima,
but before it arrives..
Hoshimina-chan birthday is already passed

I'm sorry ('・ω・`) 


I'm in Seitan (Hatanaka Seira) house now ! (^ω^)

For more information, you can check it on Seitan blog ★ number #96

Seems that she posted about me in her today blog too

She said that Natto is delicious.
Though she has plenty of food that she dislikes,
She said that Natto is so delicious.

By the way, my family
Papa, Mama, and Su like natto too..

Everyone, do you like Natto ('・ω・`)? 

Is it good for your skin?
Maybe I will challenge it next time...hmmm I wonder..
I don't have a courage ♪
And.. I also dislikes Umeboshi (salted plum)

Fufufufu~~ (ω)
I'm sorry.
Some day I will try to eat it so please forgive me. 



I already received letters from management (`・・)ゝ

Everyone, thank you very much !
Recently we rarely had a opportunity to meet and it's make me lonely,
But I received a lot of energy from your letter  ! (*^_^*)

Until the day I can meet you again,  I will do my best !
Really thank you very much !


[ If you went to bath 5 times you will become funya funya ! ]
by sayunyan (Inoue Sayuri-chan) (。・ω・。)ノ



Minami-chan old nickname is Hoshimina.
It's hurt to read it right? Lol
Minami herself is prefer *Minami* and she said please don't call me Hoshimina again on her old blog.

Hime has so many dislikes food and it's not changed until now...
As expected from Hime 😂

I skipped the Q&A parts because it's long and not really interesting.

And hello I'm back !!!

I can't just wait for Hime to come..
Everyday feels like a torture without her blog or mail.

I'm going to post another (on this day-blog) again later !

Thank you very much for your support☆

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170128

As informed from the official website a while ago,

Me, Nakamoto Himeka

Will be absent on the next 17th single activities.

I'm sorry for the sudden announcement,
I'm really sorry..

Because my physical condition is not in good condition,
I was in a state where I can not work like usual
And it's keep continued since a while ago..

While doing recovery,
I did repeated consultation with the staff,
asking for adjustment

They said it's going to be tough if I keep do future activities,
So I decided to take a rest from any activities.

Basically, it's for the future sake !

As member of Nogizaka46,
That's decision is made after thinking for the future sake !

I will take a good rest, and cure it.

I want to show my healthy condition to everyone.

So that's why, please give me some time to stop.

I'm sorry it's going to be like this,
I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.

At the same time,
I think why I could be on this wonderful place.. and it's feel so hard to be away for it.

I won't forget the feel of gratitude,
It is a fact that I felt strongly again by touching the kindness of people around me.

I will carefully notice the sign from my body in the future activities.

Recently, I began to think that this choice may be necessary for me.

And I couldn't against staff-san, and management decision

To make me work easier,
They changed the time, contents and etc.
There also times when I could not go to the working scene

It's all thanks to everyone's understanding so I was be able to do such activities in the 16th period.

They said many wonderful words
Without blaming me who chose to rest.

There is no pressure,
But I know that I have a place in here,
And it doesn't worry me.

I realized that I was be able to work well because of surrounded by wonderful people

And I would like to return to this grace work.

They are a great help for the members,
And we often get helped by them now too.

I watched the Birthday Live rehearsal video.

They made various changes,
And I feel so sorry for it.

They doing it while not showing a bad face,
And once again I gain more respect for them.

Because I'm having a rest,
We rarely meet on the location..
But they still contacting me,
And it's really make me happy !

They came to meet me and spending the time together,

They got worried because I'm an indoor person,

When I'm in good condition they often invite me to go eat together,

There are many member who invite me to go outside.

I want to meet the members without having to work.

I want to be an inextricable person.

For everyone who supporting me,

Aahh... I don't know what to say.

There are a lot of things that I have to tell you,
But I couldn't collect it... what should I do..

I'm sorry because I was absent on handshake meeting in Kyoto and Makuhari Messe a few days ago.

Blog, Radio, Mail, and etc
Were suddenly missing and it's make all of you surprised (shocked) right ?

I feel a bit relieved to be able to communicate in my own words like this.

I bet there are also those who say that they are feel lonely.

But Nakamoto is a clumsy and blunt person, and aren't that Nakamoto chara too?

Please laugh.

It is only a moment in the long run !

I will be fine by the next single, and I will be happy if you wait for me.

If you have any topic to say on the next handshake meeting,
Or when there is something nice happen and you post in on the comment,
It might make the time pass quickly ( ˆωˆ )

Considering the current situation, it is an important time for me now.

To open the hole here,
I intended to understand it with my head.

So that's why I had a lot of trouble huh..

I do not want you to exaggerate,
So that's all what I want to tell you.

I written a long post ~ ~

Thank you for reading it through to the end.

I hope 17th single will be a single that loved by everyone.

From now on too, please take care of us !

Nakamoto Himeka.

 Note to myself : Hiatus is better than graduate !
Go save money and meet her before it come !!

Nearly got heart attack because of this news.

And I'm glad that those sh!t bunshuun was clearly said that Hime hiatus is has no relation with their cheapy stalker news.

I'm going to hiatus as well 🚩
Please wait for our Hime !
And don't oshihen~☆

Friday, January 13, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170113


By the way...
I forgot to tell a story about I might had a cat allergies on autumn season last year...

Next, there is nationwide handshake meeting in Kyoto on saturday, right?

I will paired with Hina-chan.

Time flies so fast, and it will be the last nationwide handshake meeting

Look forward for the Mini Live !

It's been one month since the last handshake meeting !
And it's been a long time to do it in Kyoto too,
So everyone please don't forget come ( ´ ・ω・ ` )

Sunday night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

This week guest is seiyuu artist Takagaki Ayahi-san,
And from Nogizaka is Matsumura Sayuri-chan !

We are still waiting for your mail ~
request song and usual mail too (^o^)

You can submit your mail from here:

Nogizaka Koujichuu this week is about "New adult celebration project !"

Ikuta, Chiharu, Hori, Kitano, and Nakamoto had location shooting for it (^o^)

I'm a bit worried if you guys can't enjoy it (laugh)

But you might can see the real character of these 5 people~

Ah, today is friday the 13th~

I wonder if this hype is already over? Or maybe just started..?

By the way...
I kinda surprised with my thin content of sentences.

Himetan~~ please do it rightly~

Well~~ I can't wait for Rajira~
Can't wait~


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 170109


Today is Seijin's (adult) day right~
Congratulations !

I'm also one of the new adult.

And I already had Seijin Ceremony in Nogizaka Shrine (^o^)

 I feel like inherited the tradition!

Chuusangumi ~ ~

If you compared it to 5 years ago,
Do we look more mature?

But things like a distant feeling is not changed.

After all, I feel calmer when Ikuchan and Chiichan in there too ( ˇωˇ )

Just because we are the same age, I do not know why but I feel so relieved.
What a strange feeling.

Pink Kimono o(^o^)o

Continuing Matchun, and Manatsu-san
I wore pink kimono too

I already decided the color since a few years ago. (Laugh)

96-gumi personalities are different,
So we were wearing Kimono that match with our personality..

Everyone were so wonderful ~ ~

Though it takes a long times to become 20 y.o,
Adult ceremony is one of the milestone for me

Once again, as part of the society
I thought that I need to be more firm

People often said
「Isn't it good to be young! you can be anything, and you can do anything, right?! 」

Me right now,
I hope I can find something that I can get crazy about
as I forgetting the flowing times.

96-gumi group photo.

I hope these 5 people can make Nogizaka become livelier !

Sunday night, it's time for Rajira Sunday !

It will be first Nogizaka time in the new year.

The guest ia seiyuu artist Takagaki Ayahi-san,
And from Nogizaka is Matsumura Sayuri-chan !

This time mail theme are ;

◯ New Year ! Rajira ! Tsugoroku

◯What is MMS stand for ?

◯ Rajira Love story ! Midnight phone call
「Wishes of the new year」edition

◯ Mousou Kyun Kokuhaku battle

I hope we can talk about Kouhaku ( ˆωˆ )

You can submit your mail from here ;

Fuwafuwa version

I did the same expression like the previous photo.  (laugh)


Rajira after a long time! And
The first guest is Mattsun!

Looking forward for mousou kokuhaku battle !