Thursday, July 7, 2016

Nakada Kana (Kannarin) Blog Translation 160707

Branch point-kana ? 1301

Yaa--ii (¨)ノ

I already received gift from everyone (fans) yesterday ! !

Thank you very much

3rd Generation Application recruitment has already begun right?

The application period is until
19th July, 12 o'clock !!

Don't forget to apply ! So you won't have any regret !

It's better to think about it when you passed it.

I was attending school which prohibited to do entertainment activities,
But after I passed the audition, there were people from school who contacted me to quit..

But after all it's Nakada life right?

If you look at the current Nakada right now...
I didn't get selected for senbatsu in 3 years..
And many people think that
me who choose to quit from school was made a mistake..


Not at all,
Because I keep thinking that I'm glad I quit from school.

There were painful things, and crying things like a devil,

Suprisingly, it's really fun when we do various things, everyday...

I hope there won't any regret later.

The final audition is on 21th August,
Same like 1st generation before.

I can't wait to meet everyone from 3rd generations ! !

Tomorrow is Friday, so don't forget to listen to Friday Silence (radio program on FM FUJI - Kannarin as reguler assistant)

Kana  ̄(=∵=) ̄

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