Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translations 160620


There was Album Individual Handshake Meeting on Saturday in Kyoto !

everyone who coming,
thank you very much (´,,•ω•,,`)
Now I want to post some report for house sitting team~

1st block -  Kimi wa boku to awanai hou ga yokatta no kana?

2nd block -  Inochi wa utsukushii
3rd block -  Wakaregiwa, motto suki ni naru

4th block -  Taiyou Knock (denim ver.)
5th block -  Taiyou Knock (MV ver.)

This photo is when in 5th block

as expected, wearing singing costume in Handshake meeting 
is fresh and fun right ! (・∀・)ノ

I received many support from everyone, 
and the feelings are infested in me...
once again, I thought that I want to work harder.

It won't be planned (like a set up), but frankly,
when it's time to do it, I will do it.

with that stance,
I will ran through 15th single.
Nakamoto, will do her best !

next week, in Makuhari Messe
I'm planning to wear different costume,
please look forward for it ♡

In AKB shinbun (Newspaper) that released on 17th June,
Kitano and Nakamoto were interviewed

it's also our first interview after the senbatsu announcement,
so please check it out ( ˇωˇ )

Orihime !

Sunday Night it's time for Rajira Sunday !

last week guest was seiyuu artist Watanabe Yui san,
and from Nogizaka were Noujou Ami-chan, 
Wada Maaya-chan, and Itou Karin-chan !

I did listen to it properly~
it has different atmosphere than usual, and it was fun o(^o^)o
somehow it became a strange feeling to me

Ami, Maaya, Karin, 
please come again when Hime in there 

next time, on 1st week in July
Nakamoto will return !
also Akimoto Manatsu-chan from Nogizaka will come too !

15th single is in production♪
please look forward for it 

Tonight NOGIBINGO!6 is
Sister contest returns~~
please watch it! good night~


Based from AKB shinbun (newspaper) that being released on 17th June,
It said that Nogizaka46 15th single formation is 「夏の大三角形」Natsu no Daisankakkei.
Kind of summer triangle.

with Asuka (center) as Altair
Himetan as Vega, and
Kiichan as Deneb.

To know more about Altair, Vega and Deneb
You can read here ; www.constellation-guide.com/summer-triangle/

or watch this :

thank you so much for nogi fans on twitter for their indirect help :bow:
*you know who you are* :bow:

look at the sky there are 3 stars ~! *araroma melody*

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