Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nakamoto Himeka (Himetan) Blog Translation 160210

2/9 BOMB March Issue is on sale now !

It have a lot of Nogizaka-chan in there.
Ranze, Miria and Nakamoto in some pages
Please take a look on it o(^o^)o

I don't know how much I've said about it. But, really...
I wonder if I'm all right to be around this young people......

adult himetan o(^o^)o hehe~
also we were wearing black outfit~
2/10 Marquee on sale !

Nagashima, Nakada, Hori, Ranze, Yamazaki, Nakamoto.
We were talking about story when under live in budoukan,
and talking about Rarin graduation too.
It has long interview in it.

And, there is a late announcement;

2/11 Nogizaka46 Kouhaku Special ! Expanded version
It will be broadcast on NHK BS PREMIUM,
also it included [Otona he no Chikamichi] studio live version!

It's on air tomorrow at 16:30 pm.
Under Live Budoukan appearance,
and I wonder if it will be a little long? (duration)
Please check it~!



2/9  BOMB
2/24 Samurai ELO 
2/29 BUBKA

After a long time, I will answer some question !

I wonder what kind of talk that Himetan and Kiichan do?
we are talking about a lot of things (´,,•ω•,,`)
but, by the way... I've been told that I've been busy lately.
so I've just listen to the talk while I'm on bed(´,,•ω•,,`)

When in Rajira, is there anything that you being careful for?
ehehehe~ (´,,•ω•,,`)

 when something broke, what kind of reaction that you do?
It's like story on mail right? 
recently, I've did dropped a lot of things. Like tableware and egg.
And my reaction is like 'Freeze' at one second.
Ami-chan who started to staying regular on my home too said;
[recently you are dropping things a lot] ( ´ ・ω・ ` )

Is opportunity to wear denim increased?
If you are talking about Denim,
I've bought some new pants.
And recently I often wear plain clothes with pants style.
I opened a new door! 
thanks to rajira!



When in 14th Single production period !
Please look forward for it ~! 
My Recent boom ;

◯Cold pressed juice
◯Healing music
◯Half-length bath

good night~~ 

Jyon-niichan started to stay regularly on hime house?! :3 
practice for Nogidan things? I hope so!!
looking forward for  14th single~~~ |0/

all photos on this blog are made me go "KYAHHHHHHH"

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